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There are so many talented people out there, in all fields and from all walks of life. Everyone has a story of how they got to where they are. My training as a journalist taught me to ask the right questions to get the story. I will paint a picture of you through my words that will make even you see yourself in a different light. And the best part is it won’t contribute to the dreaded “the camera adds 10 lbs” phenomenon.

Selected samples:

My page on VectorTuts+

My page on PsdTuts+- Check back often because I am a regular contributor!

Profile: Getting to Know Russell Tate- VectorTuts+

Profile: Bojan Stefanovic, AKA Logoholic- VectorTuts+

Profile: Simona Pfreundner- VectorTuts+

The Fateful Abudzido: An Interview with Fabio SassoPsdTuts+

Vladimir Koncar: Ruling with Greatness- PsdTuts+

Todd Hemker: Art in Motion-  PsdTuts+

Soyeon Kim: Organiz Designs, Handcrafted Motion- PsdTuts+

Kimberly Beaven- Creative Director- BlueWave Media

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“When I hired Michelle, I was sure of some things I wanted and not sure of others. Michelle helped me put my ideas together and I was very satisfied with the outcome. She was very easy going, easy to contact and fun to work with. Michelle does quality work and knows the meaning of GOOD customer service.”

Lori Johnson Morse: Owner of Mathhead Inc.


“Michelle did an awesome job writing copy for my website. She did her research and wrote exactly what I was looking for on the first go around. Thanks so much Michelle!”

Shawn Kulla, Owner of Frozen Canvas Studios