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There are so many talented people out there, in all fields and from all walks of life. Everyone has a story of how they got to where they are. My training as a journalist taught me to ask the right questions to get the story. I will paint a picture of you through my words that will make even you see yourself in a different light. And the best part is it won’t contribute to the dreaded “the camera adds 10 lbs” phenomenon.

Selected samples:

My page on VectorTuts+

My page on PsdTuts+- Check back often because I am a regular contributor!

Profile: Getting to Know Russell Tate- VectorTuts+

Profile: Bojan Stefanovic, AKA Logoholic- VectorTuts+

Profile: Simona Pfreundner- VectorTuts+

The Fateful Abudzido: An Interview with Fabio SassoPsdTuts+

Vladimir Koncar: Ruling with Greatness- PsdTuts+

Todd Hemker: Art in Motion-  PsdTuts+

Soyeon Kim: Organiz Designs, Handcrafted Motion- PsdTuts+

Kimberly Beaven- Creative Director- BlueWave Media

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“Michelle is a valuable resource for my books. She is a reliable, timely and thorough technical editor. Her expertise in areas such as social media, marketing, and e-business is second to none, and she isn’t afraid of taking on some of my more challenging titles. I recommend her for every book that I can and recommend that anyone looking for a technical editor or writer call Michelle. You will not be disappointed!”

Amy Fandrei: Acquisitions Editor, For Dummies


“If you are looking for an innovative thinker, a person who has a mastery of words and ideas, then I would highly recommend Michelle. Simply and purely put.”

Kimberly Beaven
Creative Director at BlueWave Media